Vest pursues better products and services, thereby helping our customers add value to their products, and seeks to be the best partner for our customers, affiliates and employees.

To help our customers add value to their products, we provide fine-tuned service and innovative ideas in the form of quality products and deliver them quickly and accurately. It will be getting more and more important to give a product its identity to distinguish it from similar products flooding the market. Hoping to be of help in that effort, we are working hard to identify customer needs of the times and satisfy our customers. All the employees of Vest are trying to listen to customers and build a close relationship with them.


We are working on manufacturing that reduces the environmental burden, 
such as CO2 reduction, plastic removal, and recycling.


“MADE IN JAPAN” woven labels are Vest’s flagship products. We are developing our original special woven labels and products for preventing brand counterfeiting. Not only to ensure the quality, we are also trying to shorten the time from order placement to delivery for greater customer satisfaction.


Vest handles brand labels, hang tags and various other accessories to meet various needs of apparel brands. Those accessories include materials to be attached to clothes, packages for products, POP displays, and OEM products. 


Vest has quickly introduced equipment for providing RFID systems, which are rapidly spreading in the apparel industry. Working closely with our affiliates, we will offer systems that best suit individual customers.


“Vest Partner” is an online ordering system for apparel accessories. It will make your order management easier and more accurate than the conventional ordering method, if you have Internet access.


Our well- resourced design room will cater for various customer needs including not only apparel materials such as labels but also packages, POP displays and advertisements. We offer fine-tuned and creative design, which is enabled by our familiarity with apparel products, and deliver it speedily.


We manage and print data of many different products and create and manage RFID related data in various languages. We also develop web systems and software according to customer needs and develop and propose various systems for enhancing operational efficiency.