Company Profile

Name                               VEST CO., LTD.
Address                            4-18-2 Taihei, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0012
                                        TEL.81-3-3624-8251 FAX.81-3-3621-0728
Founding                          December 1983
Capital                              40 million yen
Chairman                          Tetsuo Sakurai
President                          Norio Sakurai
Number of employees     110 (82 full-time and 28 part-time employees) as of April 2017
Banker                             Oshiage branch of MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Business                          Planning, manufacture and sale of apparel accessories
Products                          Woven labels, printing of hang tags (labels), RFID (printing and encoding),
                                        printing in general, printed labels, packages, embroidered emblems,


       March 2015     Established a business succeeding the sales department of Vest Holdings Co., Ltd.
       April 2017       Tetsuo Sakurai took office as chairman.
                              Norio Sakurai took office as president.

Acquisition of ISO9001 Certification

To provide you better goods and services, we got ISO9001:2015 for whole company.
Through the quality management system based on the ISO, we continue steady improvement effortswith every aspect of our business, so that all of you are satisfied more. Please expect it for actions of our quality improvement in the future.

Group Companies

Name                      VEST HOLDINGS CO., LTD.
Address                   4-18-2 Taihei, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0012
                                TEL.81-3-3626-4386 FAX.81-3-3626-4398
President                 Tetsuo Sakurai
Name                       Shanghai Vest Trading Co., Ltd.
Address                    No.18,North Fute ROAD No.322 LIANAN Building China(Shanghai)
                                 Pilot Free Trade Zone Shanghai China  〒200131
                                 TEL. 86-21-5268-9115
Founding                  August 2008
Capital                      $140,000 (full ownership)
General manager      Yoshihiro Koizumi    
Name                      VIEW COLLECT CO., LTD.
Address                   4-17-12, Taihei, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0012
                                TEL.81-3-6658-8333 FAX.81-3-6658-8334


Quick delivery to meet customer needs

Vest has been endeavoring to quickly serve customers’ needs since its founding. Using our quick delivery system, enabled by prompt processing of orders on their receipt and close coordination with our factory, we will try to sincerely fulfill customers’ needs, including samples, printed labels and POP displays needed urgently.


Management system to ensure accurate delivery
Our thorough daily management forms the backbone of Vest. In Japan, an accurate delivery management system has been established, based on in-depth and frequent communication with each individual factory of woven labels, printed labels and other products. In China, a similar management system is established in Shanghai Vest Trading, our affiliate, to provide fine-tuned service.

Association Membership

  Japan Apparel-Fashion Industry Council
  Japan Automatic Identification Systems Association

 GS1Japan Partner Member