Privacy Policy

Vest Co., Ltd. and its group companies recognize that it is very important to protect personal information provided by customers. We will comply with related laws, regulations and norms and pursue the privacy policy below.

1. Management of personal information

We take necessary measures to prevent illegal outflow of personal information, illegal access to information gained in the course of business, loss, damage, falsification or leak of information; such as management of important documents in the offices, maintenance of a computer security system, establishment of workplace management system and training of employees, and implement safety measures for prudent management of personal information.

2. Purpose and scope of collecting personal information

We collect personal information for the purposes below within a necessary scope in an appropriate and fair manner. (1) Reply to inquiries and send literature. (2) Analyze access log.

3. Prohibition of disclosure to third party

We manage personal information provided by customers in an appropriate and lawful manner and we will not provide the information to third parties without good reason.

4. Compliance and review of laws, regulations and norms

We comply with laws, regulations and norms related to the protection of personal information and review and improve the compliance to further ensure the protection of personal information of customers.

5. Respect for the rights

We respect the rights of a person who has provided us with personal information. When the person asks us to disclose, correct or delete his or her personal information, we will promptly grant the request as long as the request is reasonable.

6. Contact for inquiry about personal information

4-18-2 Taihei, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0012